Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a fully integrated fixed asset management functionality which helps a company manage its assets effectively and efficiently. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a company can keep track of all information relevant to fixed assets, such as maintenance costs and schedules, acquisition costs, and related insurance information

Each fixed asset has a fixed asset card, which contains all the information about the asset.

Create Fixed Asset Master in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Go to the Finance Module –> Fixed Assets

Click on new button and create new Fixed Asset Master

General Tab:

On General Tab we can enter below details.

No. –> No. will auto update by the system

Description –> Enter Fixed Asset Name

FA Class Code –> Select FA Class Code Tangible

FA Subclass Code –> Select FA Subclass Code Plant

GST Group Code –> Select GST Group Code

GST Credit –> Select Availment or Non-Availment

HSN/SAC Code –> Select HSN Code

Exempted –> Enable this field if the asset is Exempted Under GST.

FA Location Code –> Select FA Location Code

Serial No. –> Enter Serial No. if any.

Responsible Employee –> Select Responsible employee code if applicable.

Inactive –> Enable this field if want to Inactive the Asset

Blocked –> Enable this field if want to restrict the Asset at transaction level.

Depreciation Book Tab:

On this tab we need to fill below details.

Depreciation Book Code –> Select COMPANY Book code.

Posting Group –> Select FA Posting group code. It is linked in the chart of accounts –> Fixed Asset G/L Code

Depreciation Method –> Straight Line

Depreciation Starting Date –> Enter Starting Date of Depreciation or Acquisition Date of Asset.

No. of Depreciation Years –> Enter No. years. ( Life of Asset )

Depreciation Ending Date –> System will Auto calculate and update ending date on the basis of Dep. Starting Date and No. of years entered.

Depreciation Table Code –> Specifies the code of the depreciation table to use if you have selected the User-Defined option in the Depreciation Method field.

Use half year convention –> Specifies that the Half-Year Convention is to be applied to the selected depreciation method.

Maintenance Tab:

On this tab, we can enter Vendor No., Maintenance Vendor No., Next Service Date and Warranty Date.

Fixed Asset Fact Box

We can upload Fixed Asset Photo and can attach related documents.

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